Paper Plane

We are Paper Plane.

We tell stories on the internet.


Promotional web portrait for Neither Here Nor There - Contemporary Irish, an exhibition at Grimmuseum Berlin.

Promotional web portrait video for ESDIP Berlin, the co-working, events and exhibition space in Friedrichshain.

Promotional video for the Slates WordPress theme.

...and tell:

We are Paper Plane, and, just like it says up the top, we tell stories on the internet. Specifically, we make compelling online films: web portraits. We work mostly with galleries, startup companies, artists, and other interesting people.

What exactly are web portraits? The quick answer is that they are short, compelling films which are viewed in a web context, which tell the story of a fascinating thing, and which can be shared among a specific intended audience.

The longer answer is actually so long that we turned it into a talk, which we gave at Up.front, the monthly Berlin web design talk series. You can listen to that here – it’s around twenty minutes long:

(You might also want to listen to it directly on SoundCloud, where there are links to all the videos mentioned in the talk.)

Who are we? We are Tom and Tristen, with some occasional extra help from a coterie of ultra-talented filmmaking ninjas.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. Send us an with some information about you, and what you think you might want us to do. A few sentences is fine.

Time? Money? It depends. Yes, that’s a vague answer. Sorry. Some outlines, though: it’s good to have at least a month to work with (though we can be faster if necessary – our current record is five days). Faster, is, of course, more expensive, but even with plenty of time, good work ain’t cheap.

Can you tell me more? Sure. We’ve been doing film and internet things since back in the dark ages. We can also help out as part of a larger team doing bigger media projects. We can work on limited-audience videos (for example, galleries making videos only for collectors or dealers) and also on large-scale, shareable social objects. We are based in Berlin but we can put stuff in a bag and travel. We jam econo. Now, how about you?